waynebOrganisational Development International assists organisations to develop their strategic and cultural change plans.

We conduct organisational diagnostics that assist organisations to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

We compare the attitudes and perceptions of different regions, departments, levels of management, or any other segmentation that is important to you.

Our diagnostics also drill down to specific competencies that then can be developed through training, coaching and mentoring through the organisation's key "touch points". Samples (pdf's) of our three diagnosis can be downloaded

Sample Transformational Organisation Diagnosis (TOD) (New). This diagnosis is specifically designed for organisations that deisre to transform their staff as well as the extended community in which they operate.

Sample Organisational Culture Report (OCR)

Sample Organisational Health Report (OHR)

We also facilitate strategic and cultural change planning sessions. We bring our expertise to offer objectivity, insight and empathy to the issues being discussed

Our facilitators draw out opinions, build consensus, keep the discussion on track and focus on developing effective game plans


Your team completes an online questionnaire from which we prepare a report that includes charts similar to the ones on this page. The first is the chart of the importance and performance of the different organisational dimensions. This shows the perceptions of strengths as well as the relative value that your people place on that organisational dimension.

odidifferenceThe second chart shows the difference between the performance and importance of organisational dimensions. This reveals the tension points that exist in the people of your organisation.


Each of the dimensions in the organisational report has a "drill down" to specific competencies that can be developed. These competencies are potential points of development for the organisation. You may wish to focus on specific "drill downs" but all will be available.

Each "drill down" includes a performance versus importance comparison chart and a difference chart. These are used to target specific points of development

More information is found on the diagnostics page